New Maryland shop caters to vintage British bikes

Publish Date: 
Jul 9, 2012

EDGEWATER, Md. - Another weekend warrior is striking out in business, opening a new part-time home shop focused on vintage British motorcycles.

Chris Newton opened Blown Income Customs after his wife forbade him to add to his collection of five.

“The motorcycles I work on are from the 1940s through the late 1970s. My father worked for Glen Burnie Cycles, a Triumph dealer, when I was a kid, he told the Capital Gazette. There was a need in the area for someone to help take care of these classic motorcycles.”

Newton has a day job as an ironworker during the week; he works on bikes on evenings and weekends. He also likes to test his own builds.

“I’ve done 114 at Bonneville on my 1956 VSA A-10. It’s very exhilarating. It’s freedom. You have the wind blowing all around you. With the vintage bikes you become one with the machine.”

Posted by Holly Wagner