New median spells traffic trouble for Idaho dealership

Publish Date: 
Jun 25, 2012

BOISE, Idaho - Road changes designed to enhance safety are causing problems for a local dealership.

Lynn Barnes, owner of Snake River Yamaha, emailed KIVI-TV to complain that drivers are speeding through the dealer’s parking lot – where a lot of business gets done – following the construction of new medians on the road that limited access to nearby businesses.

“We've had quite the conflict with employees and safety of everybody here because we've had traffic using our parking lot like Fairview,” Barnes told the station. The dealer put up traffic cones to try to slow down drivers.

"With regard to the traffic cutting through private parking lots, unfortunately this is a matter of driver behavior. We have no jurisdiction over private parking lots," a spokesperson for the Ada County Highway District, the department in charge of the medians on that road, told the station.

Barnes says the dealership will look to local government for help and may add a gate or a speed bump on the lot.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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