New Mexico dealer fighting state's used vehicle inspection rule

Publish Date: 
Apr 9, 2014
By Holly J. Wagner

New Mexico doesn’t have a motorcycle dealer association, although the NMIADA encourages powersports dealers to join its ranks, Alcon said.

If there is any awareness of this among New Mexico motorcycle dealers, it is because the NMIDA has encouraged membership of motorcycle dealers in their organization,” Alcon noted.

King has said he will vigorously defend the rule.

“This regulation protects the buying public from unscrupulous dealers who would sell them a wrecked vehicle without telling them about the damage, why is that so unreasonable?” King said. “The regulation was adopted because of ongoing problems with the practices of some licensed car dealers. We have evidence that some dealers have failed to provide disclosures when the dealer knew of the prior wreck damage; attempted to shift the burden to the customer to conduct an inspection; or failed to conduct a basic inspection that would disclose whether prior wreck damage had occurred. The Unfair Practices Act prohibits deceptive and unfair practices in the marketplace and a dealer’s willful ignorance of evidence of a car’s condition or prior damage to avoid disclosing this information to a buyer clearly violates state law.”