New Primo HD Xtreme camera kit is an all-in-one, one price solution

Publish Date: 
Sep 29, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

WHITTIER, Calif. - While the action sports camera market is getting more crowded every day (check out Garmin’s new entry here:, the GoPro Hero still seems to be the go-to device for most professional and amateur videographers.

Now comes RP Tronix, a division of Rivera Primo Inc., which has just introduced its new Primo HD Xtreme that builds upon the factors that made the GoPro such a success.

The Primo HD shoots in full 1080p at 60 fps and uses simple single-button activation and an included RF remote to make shooting stills or video easy. A targeting laser is standard, as are three choices of viewing angle, and the camera automatically adjusts its horizon within 180 degrees, to make sure your customer's image is always right way up. It is built to handle abuse with an included waterproof case good to 300 feet, and its lithium ion battery is rated for 2.5 hours, double that with the included external battery pack mounted.

Note the use of the word included being repeated several times; the Primo HD kit is most notable for the sheer number of standard accessories.

Unlike most sports camera brands that require users to purchase accessories a la carte, the Primo HD includes everything your customer might need for a variety of shots and settings, including a standard internal battery, external battery pack, external LCD monitor, RF remote, three camera mounts, AC charger, DC to USB charger and cable, download cable, A/V cable (for televisions, etc.), two lanyards, the waterproof dive case and a nylon carrying bag for it all, all for the standard price of $349.95 with a two-year warranty.

The RP Tronix  Primo HD aims to take the lead in the marketplace based on its heavily accessorized kit and aggressive retail pricing.