New repeat, referral business metric may supersede CSI score, organization says

Publish Date: 
Sep 11, 2012

ATLANTA, Ga. - Powersports Marketing has developed a new reputation analysis system that provides an alternative to the traditional dealership Customer Service Index (CSI) score.

The Repeat and Referral Score is designed to provide a "real world, quantifiable perspective" on how well dealerships cultivate repeat and referral business compared to other dealers across the country.

“The influence of friends and family is among the highest ranking factors in a consumer’s decision to buy," said Rod Stuckey, president of Powersports Marketing. "Repeat and referral customers are the most viable opportunity this industry has for sustained growth; plus they pay more, stay longer, and refer more business.”

Powersports Marketing, a subsidiary of Dealership University, developed the RRS through an algorithm that considers a dealership’s "Voice of Customer" -- the combination of customer reviews and feedback -- along with average review star rating, trending customer commentary by department, and action on responding and handling these reviews and feedbacks.

"This new measurement supersedes the traditional reporting of the Customer Service Index," the organization stated. "The CSI is a series of historical snapshots of limited information with no prescribed corrective action for dealers with a low score. Whereas the RRS is a dynamic, fluid report with the ability to re-activate potentially lost customers in a real-time environment.  The RRS is a more accurate indicator of the overall performance of a dealership, and it provides dealers with the ability to have a thumb on the pulse of their customers’ satisfaction."

For more information on the Repeat and Referral Score (RRS) visit or call 877-242-4472.