A New 'Risk' for Racers

Risk Racing's Holeshot Practice Starting Gate now has an "Instant-Drop" feature that is ideal for motorcross trainers and riders.

The new feature lets trainers plug the included wireless remote into the gate. Pressing a button on the remote drops the gate instantly for the rider.

The gate also allows for a random gate drop. By pressing a button on the wireless remote, the gate will drop randomly within one to five seconds. Gates can also be linked together for multiple riders. Risk Racing products are sold through Tucker Rocky as well as dealer-direct.

Value of the product: A realistic training tool that improves a rider's starting technique.
Suggested initial order: 1 to 2 units
Dealer margin: 30 percent
Marketing tips: Product fliers are available.
Contact: Risk Racing, (704) 528-7818, www.riskracing.com