New Rossi AGV helmet designed from inside out

Publish Date: 
Mar 28, 2012

Valentino Rossi’s PistaGP helmet for AGV is part of the company’s Standard project, which designs and tests helmets in innovative ways. Instead of starting design with the exterior shell, the company says, the AGV Standards project starts with the rider’s head, whose measurements are collected digitally. The measurements are then used to design the helmet from the inside out, in a technique similar to CAE/CAD.

AGV claims that the PistaGP helmet reduces the residual impact force transmitted to a rider’s head by 36 percent when compared to ECE regulation limits. Visor movement area has been reduced by 71 percent when compared to the GP-Tech helmet, which allows for more impact-absorption material. Field of vision also has been increased by 15 degrees, while air intakes have nearly tripled in size.

“I am very happy with the PistaGP, it feels like I am not wearing a helmet. Its aerodynamics have increased, with excellent ventilation and exaggerated visibility, like switching from the TV to the cinema,” says Valentino Rossi, the leading rider in the AGV Standards project.

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