New RpmOne website includes training center

Publish Date: 
Jul 15, 2014

JUPITER, Fla. - F&I and dealer development provider RpmOne has upgraded its website to include a virtual training center and Instant Quote System, a web-based system designed to standardize and streamline the F&I process.

“In today’s market with so much access to online data, dealerships find themselves encountering buyers daily that are armed with information and ready to purchase,” said Lori Blackson, vice president of sales. “Those educated buyers want to maintain and protect their ownership experience with a myriad of coverages to choose from. The demand that now falls on the dealers is greater than ever before to provide not only a suite of comprehensive products and services, but also to use streamlined technology to get those buyers out of the dealership and enjoying their new unit as quickly as possible."

More than 500 U.S. dealers are using the RpmOne suite of products, the company said. The IQ System has a comprehensive menu of available F&I products. It is designed to let users easily create and store quotes and contracts, select profit margins, and quickly assess overall deal profitability. The system lets users electronically process and view the status of claims and contracts, has menu capabilities and integrates with ADP Lightspeed.

“This allows our partners to quote a package based on the customer’s buying needs, and then import all the deal information right into our system for the most efficient way to move the customer through the F&I process. This saves dealers a lot of time, which in turn allows them to serve more customers and make more sales per hour,” Blackson said.

From a press release