New Seat Protects Rider From Radiation

What you are about to read may sound strange. But it's too early in the year for April Fool's Day, and Canadian inventor Randall Chipkar appears far too serious about the issue he has spent years researching — the 'electromagnetic shielding motorcycle seat, designed to shield a rider's vital organs from motorcycle electromagnetic field radiation.

It's on the level. In fact, Chipkar's seat was recently granted a patent in the United Kingdom.

"I am grateful to the U.K. for sharing my vision and I appreciate their recognition of this serious health concern for motorcyclists. This is a major step in my quest to protect riders worldwide," Chipkar says.

"Various types of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiations have been linked to health disorders including cancer," he explains. "Many motorcycles generate excessive ELF EMF radiation up through the seat penetrating directly into the rider's groin and torso. The prostate is of major concern as it is one of the closest delicate glands invaded by the radiation. The colon and neighboring organs are also at risk."

Major organizations now agree that ELF EMF magnetic fields are a possible carcinogen.

"ELF EMF magnetic fields penetrate through steel and even lead," Chipkar says. "Only highly processed material can dramatically shield us from these cancer controversial forces. With patent protection, we can now aggressively market this innovative shielding seat to provide riders with peace of mind."

"I am now open to licensing or even selling some of my worldwide patents, as long as I am assured the seats can reach consumers immediately. Hopefully this new seat will revolutionize the motorcycle industry to keep riders safer."

Chipkar can be reached through his website at where his new book, Motorcycle Cancer, is also available.