New Video Game For Armchair Racers

Two wheels are more fun than four! Experience the thrill of the most realistic motorcycle racing game ever, when CAPCOM releases MotoGP 08 this late October. MotoGP 08 is the only officially licensed game of MotoGP, one of the most popular sports around the world.

The perfect video game for gear-heads, motorcycle aficionados and the casual gamer, this exciting racing game is for all skill levels. MotoGP 08 puts the player at the center of the experience by letting them join a race team and compete alongside real life riders in all three race classes — 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP. Racers will also have the chance to play on all 18 different tracks from all around the world including the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

MotoGP 08 will appear for the first time on PlayStation 3 and Wii and will also be available on Xbox 360, PSP and PlayStation 2 with online modes to challenge riders around the world.

To see more about the game, see the online trailer.