New ways to POP up your showroom

Publish Date: 
Apr 17, 2013

Point-of-purchase displays can boost your revenue, if they’re used wisely.

Here are a few offerings that have recently caught our attention.

WHAT: Two- and three-sided counter displays, freestanding store racks
HOW: DesignWraps’ POP displays are free of charge when ordered through the company’s Smart Ordering System — a new program that allows dealers to trade in non-selling headwear styles for newer merchandise.

“We offer four different tiers of purchasing where they can pick their budget, and we pick the styles for them,” says Joan Krenning, president of DesignWraps. “If some styles aren’t successful, they can exchange the styles for styles that are selling.”

Tiers range from $1,000 to $3,800, and the choice generally depends on your store size. “If you’re not a very big dealership, you wouldn’t go with Tier 4,” Krenning says. “I don’t want to overstock people. It defeats the whole process of helping people be successful.”

Most dealers, Krenning says, order the three-sided counter rack, though smaller stores lean toward the two-sided rack.

Both feature mini gridwall to hold merchandise. Krenning will choose a mix of products that typically is 65 to 70 percent Wraps of Hope (for women) and 25 to 35 percent RidersWraps (for men) — but will tailor each order to fit the needs of the store’s demographics, location, etc. “And if [dealers] don’t want the display racks, we can use mannequin heads,” she says. When dealers indicate they don’t have room for racks or other displays, Krenning will mail out the company’s marketing materials — including images — for the dealer to use in the store.

Contact: DesignWraps, 877-700-4687 or

WHAT: Dealer display kits for VStream windscreens and SwitchBlade windshields
HOW: Display kits, ranging in value from $60 to $118, are free with purchase. “We want to see somewhat of a commitment on the dealer side,” says Paul Gomez, aftermarket sales manager at National Cycle.

The VStream Six-Pack kit is included with an order of six VStream windscreens. It includes a 21-inch National Cycle header sign, mountable VStream and Warranty graphics (one each), a waterfall windshield display and a Quantum hardcoating scratch test kit.

The SwitchBlade Hat Trick dealer kit, included with an order of six SwitchBlade windshields, has the header sign, a Warranty/Materials graphic, two sets of slatwall display brackets, the Quantum hardcoating scratch test kit and one package of the company’s RainZip Rain Repellant.

The Dealer’s Dozen kit comes with an order of six VStream and six SwitchBlade products. This kit includes a header sign, VStream and Warranty/Materials graphics (one each), two waterfall windshield displays, two sets of slatwall display brackets, the Quantum hardcoating scratch test kit and RainZip Rain Repellant,and one package of Shield Wash windshield cleaner. All kits can be mounted on slatwall.  

Contact: National Cycle, 877-WSCREEN, or email Gomez at

WHAT: Heavy duty stainless-steel display rack
HOW: After a year and a half of design and manufacturing, Trimax has unveiled The Razor Display — which builds upon the company’s original TDR40 rack — a rack that allows customers to demo the company’s Razor Adjustable Trailer Hitch System.

“First, customers get attracted with the product, then they can actually see it demonstrated on the rack,” says Jim Sentz, sales manager at TRIMAX Locks. “This makes it really an ideal display rack.”

The display comes with a header card and 25 metal hooks to display an array of TRIMAX’s other products (like tow balls, receiver locks and cable locks, among others) around the Razor system demonstration area (pictured in the middle of the photo). At the bottom of the rack, a stack of boxed Razor systems make it easy for customers to just grab and go.

“It’s like a magnet in a retail store,” Sentz says.

The rack can be set up in less than 10 minutes, and is included for free with a minimum order. Sentz says that TRIMAX is “flexible” and  he can help dealers put together an assortment of TRIMAX products that fits the needs of their store, while fulfilling the minimum requirement.

Contact: TRIMAX Locks, 866-796-8500, (continued)