New York advances ATV registration, riding bills

Publish Date: 
Mar 5, 2012

New York legislators have passed two bills for drivers to more easily register and use SSVs on a general basis, and ATVs for agricultural use.

S3318, sponsored by Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie (R, Heuvelton), would make it easier to register SSVs by raising the legal weight limit for registering ATVs from 1,000 lbs. to 1,500 lbs.

“By failing to allow UTV registrations, New York is turning away a growing and important segment of our outdoor recreation and tourism trade, and costing businesses that depend on tourism money and jobs,” Ritchie told NewsLI. “To operate them legally, owners are heading out of state, sending their tourism and recreation dollars elsewhere when our communities need them here. This bill tells tourists that we welcome them to explore and enjoy New York’s outdoors.”

S4673A, sponsored by Sen. Michael F. Nozzzolio (R, Fayette), would let farmers use ATVs on public roads. “This bill would allow farmers to use ATVs to go from one part of their farms, onto a public highway, and back on to another part of their farm,” Nozzolio says.

The bills have been sent to the assembly.

Posted by Holly Wagner


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