New York company gets licensing rights for EV cooling system

Publish Date: 
Jan 17, 2013

CONGERS, N.Y. - Electric Moto Corp. Inc. has acquired exclusive licensing rights to a unique, patented process for heat dissipation in electric vehicles, the company announced today.

EMOT makes the 72 -volt Dual Sport Gen 1 Electric Motorcycle, and its Gen 2 successor, along with its "pit bike," commuter motorcycle, scooter, electric bicycle, ATV, three-wheeled enclosed vehicle, and personal watercraft.

The patent for the process was issued last July to United States Alternative Energy LLC.  According to the terms of their agreement, EMOT has provided and will continue to provide a range of corporate and business development services in return for exclusive rights to all the intellectual property produced by USAE.

"We believe that this is the first of many similar joint ventures, mergers, and the like between EMOT and like-minded companies,” said Robert J. Lancellotti, chairman and acting CEO of EMOT. “We have been saying for years that strategic relationships of this type, particularly in this economic environment, produce companies, technology, and product lines far superior to those that exist individually."

EMOT will help USAE acquire capital, or leverage existing assets to provide capital, as well as consulting with USAE on personnel, marketing, branding, and manufacturing decisions.

Posted by Holly Wagner