New Zealand Bikers Plan To Protest Fee Hike


Riders in New Zealand are threatening to fill shopping mall parking lots one day next week to protest a fee increase for a government accident insurance program.

The hike could be up to NZ$493 for large motorcycles. The riders plan to "shut down" one of the Westfield retail group's nine Auckland malls next Saturday by cramming "a conglomerate of bikers, taxis, couriers and truckies" into the mall’s parking spaces, according to the New Zealand Herald.

"We intend to perpetuate such disturbances until ACC agrees to levy the man, not what the man is doing," veteran motorcyclist and former businessman David Peppiatt told the newspaper. He said the actions fall short of civil disobedience.

"Civil disobedience will be when we get to the stage of shutting down motorways,” he said.

Other protests, including a rally Sunday, are planned as well, some with the blessing of the BikersRights Organisation of New Zealand (Bronz), which took its case to Parliament.

Posted by Holly Wagner