NFL grants license for logo motorcycle, bike helmets

A Pennsylvania entrepreneur has won permission from the National Football League to produce motorcycle and bicycle helmets with football team logos.

Andy Brogden, 36, came up with the idea by “just listening to what customers want” at rallies such as Thunder in the Valley and other gatherings on the East Coast.

“It took me three years of persistence,” he told the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. “The NFL just doesn’t answer the phone for everybody.”

He finally connected with the right product executive at NFL and the idea was a hit. He was flown to New York immediately.

Brogden recently returned from visiting plants in China, sort of a quality-control check ahead of the production runs.

“Your Packers yellow better be Packers yellow,” Brogden said. “Your Redskins burgundy better be Redskins burgundy.”

The company will order 45,000 or 50,000 units at a time and have the helmets in stores 60 days after that. So, the merchandise is expected to arrive in stores this spring.

Motorcycle helmets will sell for $65 or $70 each. Two different styles – half and three-quarters – are available for order. Brogden plans to come out with a full-faced helmet priced at $99. They also plan to get into NFL-branded accessories, including team saddle bags, reflective plate holders and toolbags.

The company is Brogie's Bikewear.

Posted by Holly Wagner