NJMP buys property for Field of Dreams from Millville

Publish Date: 
Feb 26, 2014

MILLVILLE, N.J. –  New Jersey Motorsports Park finalized a land purchase Tuesday from the city of Millville for the planned Field of Dreams off-road park.

The purchase was approved by the city in December. The 100-acre plot of land cost $400,000, according to a report from the South Jersey Times.

“We have been working on this project for so long, and to finally see if coming to fruition is just a phenomenal feat and unbelievable feeling,” said Clayton Keeler, Field of Dreams managing partner. “All of the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together and we are extremely excited to work with NJMP and create a facility like none other. We have the partnership, location, experience and team to make this park one of the best of its kind.”

Four professionally designed and built tracks will make up the facility, to be located on Buckshutem Road in Millville, including a smaller course for younger and inexperienced riders, and the largest for participants with the most experience on two and four wheels, the organization said.

Among the planned tracks, a straight rhythm course designed for amateur riders will set Field of Dreams apart, said Field of Dreams General Manager Richard Schmidt.

“Red Bull recently created a Straight Rhythm Track for its pro racers that was simply a half-mile straightaway; truly innovative to the sport,” Schmidt said. “When the team got together and started discussing the possibility to create such a track, I made a major push for it.”

For those who don’t own their own off-road vehicle, a training and rental center is also included.

Although official rates are not yet finalized, daily practice and annual membership options are expected shortly. Racing events, both professional and amateur, are also planned.

Posted by Vince Guerrieri