NOHVCC offering trail design, usage seminars for credit


The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is offering its land advocacy webinars in January and February.

The series is being offered twice, once during daytime and once in the evening to accommodate work schedules. There are four webinars:

Module 1 - Route Designation: How Did We Get Here? Helps people understand the processes for land planning, and provides the basics for OHV system planning, setting the stage for the other courses.

Module 2 - Trail System Planning Part 1 discusses design theories and concepts for quality trail systems that encourage rider use.

Module 3 - Trail System Planning Part 2 provides additional planning details, and work that is conducted after the design phase is completed.

Module 4 - Making It Work: Where Do We Go From Here? Provides ideas for enthusiasts and land planners for sustainable OHV trail systems.

Continuing Education Units are awarded through the Marshall Community and Technical College. To get additional information regarding the webinars or the CEU units, go to the Webinar page. To register for the webinars online, go to the Webinar Schedule page.

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