Norton Commando 961 series passes emissions certification milestone

Publish Date: 
Aug 29, 2012


DERBY, U.K. - Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd reports its Commando 961 series of motorcycles has successfully completed the durability and emission testing critical to the company’s plans to supply bikes to the North American and Canadian market.

The remaining steps in the certification process are primarily paper-based compliance reporting and subsequent approvals from various departments.

The emission and durability testing was carried out by a certified testing laboratory and at specific intervals during its 15,000km accumulation the bikes are tested to ensure compliance with EPA and CARB exhaust, noise and evaporative emissions. The lab’s testing also completes a significant durability and safety trial and the new 961 Norton Commando passed and exceeded all standards by a wide margin, Norton reports.

This testing process included NHSTA’s safety and compliance documentation, plus the certification testing review and processing required by the U.S. EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

“For the bike to come through the rigorous 15,000Km testing shows its great durability and build quality,” said  Norton Motorcycles (UK) CEO Stuart Garner. “It’s a credit to both our design and production teams, along with our key suppliers who have also worked alongside us on to ensure we have the very best quality components….Both Norton America and Norton Canada have been busy building our dealer network and we now have a solid foundation to invest in and build upon.”

He added that the company will focus on filling domestic orders before expanding overseas.

Posted by Holly Wagner