Now Showing: Tucker Rocky TV

Publish Date: 
Jul 31, 2009
By Arlo Redwine

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. Tucker Rocky used its recent sales meeting and dealer show as an opportunity to film product videos for its new training initiative, Tucker Rocky TV. The distributor says it plans to make greater use of the videos as it shifts more of its advertising dollars from print ads to the Internet.

Tucker films the videos so they can be watched universally by reps, dealers and consumers. The recordings are then burned onto DVDs as well as posted on,, Tucker’s consumer websites, newly created MySpace pages, YouTube, or a combination thereof.

The videos supplement real-life Tucker Rocky sales specialists. “I believe that rep and dealer training is critical,” company president Steve Johnson says. “I don’t care how many specialists you have, it’s hard to provide the coverage you really need, and I worry about the half-life of the retention of the training that you get when you’re working one on one with someone.”

Thus the videos.

Johnson points out they will help reps who have great relationships with their dealers but aren’t the best at presenting a particular item. “I wouldn’t feel bad just popping in the a DVD and saying, ‘This video does a really good job of explaining the product, the features and benefits. And it’s important for you as a dealer to show this to your people so that when a consumer comes in, they know how to sell this product.’”

Johnson will also use videos to communicate with dealers. “The whole video concept gives us the ability to send out messages quickly. I can do like a state of the union address to the guys and say here’s where we are, here’s where we’re going, here’s where I need your help and so forth. And in a day or two we can get that out to our whole organization, or to dealers. I envision a whole library of these kinds of things.”

According to Johnson, the act of recording the videos helps vendors. “I’ve asked them to define the perfect presentation,” he says. “What are the steps you go through? What is the process? How do you present? What knowledge do you have to have? What are all the things that you do to maximize the probability of a sale?

“And if you’re forced to put that on video, you’re forced to really think about, ‘What are those steps and how do I coach people in those steps? What does it sound like? What does it look like?’ When you put it on video, you’re forcing your organization to articulate, This is how we do it. It’s almost like painting by numbers. It also gives you the ability to bake it and have it forever.”