NUVIZ using Kickstarter for Ride:HUD Heads-Up display

Publish Date: 
Dec 11, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – NUVIZ is planning to introduce a heads-up display for motorcycle helmets by spring, and the company is using a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project.

NUVIZ considers the Kickstarter campaign as a way to pre-order the Ride:HUD, which attaches to the outside of a full-face helmet on the top right area of the chin bar. The Ride:HUD syncs with a smartphone to deliver information via a transparent LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicone) screen that sits at the bottom of a rider’s field of vision.

The company says it will retail the product for $649.

The information that can be displayed on the screen includes navigation, weather, telemetry, caller I.D., lap times and music details. The system can also be used for photo and video capture. A Bluetooth-connected remote control mounts to the bike.

A high-strength adhesive pad connects the mounting plate to the helmet, and a quick-release mechanism allows the Ride:HUD to be swapped between helmets fitted with a mounting plate. NUVIZ officials say they are developing mounting plates that are compatible with adventure and offroad helmets.

The Kickstarter campaign began on Nov. 28 with a funding goal of $185,000. By Dec. 11, the campaign had 227 backers who had pledged a total of $87,860. The campaign will be accepting pledges through Jan. 6. Incentives for participating range from progress updates for pledging $5 to a VIP experience at the Ride:HUD product launch for $5,000. Incentives that include the Ride:HUD begin at $479.

NUVIZ is a joint venture between HOLOEYE Systems and APX Labs. HOLOEYE Systems focuses on innovative display technologies for aerospace, military, industrial and life science applications. APX Labs is a software and mobile device development firm.

Media images courtesy of NUVIZ.