Ocean CIty halts new scooter rental shops so it can draft regulations

Ocean City, Md., has put a moratorium on scooter rental businesses until May 1, unless the city council approves new regulations first.

Ocean City's Planning and Zoning Commission is studying the town's scooter business and has scheduled a public hearing for Feb. 22.

Some city council members fear that scooter rentals create a safety hazard because renters and even buyers can hop onto scooters and go without any training or instruction.

Existing scooter businesses like Ocean City Scooters and Waterway Rentals could benefit from new regulations, owner Ron Croker told the Delmarva Daily Times, because it could prevent rental businesses from popping up on streetcorners or parking lots.

"I think it just gives the entire industry a little bit of a black eye when businesses are just popping up so haphazardly everywhere," Croker told the newspaper. "We've got three scooter locations that all have brick-and-mortar buildings, and we have all the necessary permits for handling gas and so forth. I think if (the commission) came around and looked at our rentals, they'd be impressed."

The planning commission has yet to make a specific recommendation to the city council. A proposal is expected by March.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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