Ohio Jury: Yamaha Rhino not at fault for 10-year-old's death


An Ohio jury has determined that Yamaha and a dealer are not responsible for the death of a 10-year-old girl who was killed in a Rhino SSV accident in 2007.

The jury in the product liability case in Warren County Common Pleas Court delivered its verdict Monday. The jury found the Rhino was defective, but not responsible for Ellie Sand’s death.

“We are very pleased with the jury’s verdict,” Yamaha attorney Paul Cereghini told the Middletown Journal. “We feel Yamaha has been vindicated. We had the utmost confidence that Yamaha would prevail in this case and that’s what’s happened.”

Parents, John and Tammie Sand, who sought $20 million in damages in the case, say they hope the finding will prompt the Consumer Product Safety Commission to crack down on Rhinos.

“Ellie was the 28th to die on the machine and almost an additional 70 have died since Ellie,” John Sand says. “I hate to see all these other kids and people get hurt and killed. ... Nothing the jury could have done can bring Ellie back; I’m still going to mourn.”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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