Ohio may allow sidewalk parking for scooters

Publish Date: 
Nov 12, 2013

CINCINNATI, Ohio - Scooter and moped riders in Ohio may soon have more places to park after a bill passed the state Senate unanimously Nov. 6. 

The bill would repeal a part of Ohio law that limits sidewalk parking to bicycles. Scooter owners would be required to walk their bikes on the sidewalk and prohibited from blocking pedestrian traffic.

Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Green Township, introduced the bill because his law partner, frequent scooter commuter Jeffrey Schloemer, had trouble finding downtown parking. On warm days, the city’s designated motorcycle or scooter parking areas are full by 8:30 a.m. Riders often lose their spots if they have to go anywhere during the day. Since most garages won’t admit motorcycles or scooters, and metered parking has time limits, “you end up driving all over town to find something,” Schloemer told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Seitz said increased scooter parking could encourage people to use energy-efficient ways to commute.

The bill still has to pass the Ohio House.

Posted by Holly Wagner