Ohlins to offer supersport-derived cartridge kits for H-D tourers

Publish Date: 
Aug 24, 2013
By Bruce Steever

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. - Everyone knows that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are going to offer the corner-carving capability of sportier machinery. But thanks to Öhlins, H-D FLH and FLT touring/bagger riders can look forward to reciting the classic story about judgment books and their covers.

Öhlins' new FKC 101 Fork Cartridge Kit brings the esteemed high-quality, racing-derived fork damping of Öhlins to the H-D brand for the first time ever.

Similar in concept to the drop in front fork cartridges available for modern supersport machines for years, the FKC 101 kit is built around 8mm steel shafts working 25mm pistons through aluminum damping tubes for reduced weight. Damping uses Öhlins’ NIX style, wherein each fork leg handles one damping curve. By segregating compression from rebound damping, the system promises to maximize the available damping to the fork system as a whole.

Unfortunately, the H-D kit is not externally adjustable due to the constraints of the H-D fork mounting arrangement; but Öhlins said it will offer additional spring rates as required.

According to Tomas Anderson, aftermarket motorcycle manager at Öhlins, “The goal with the FKC 101 project was to create a high-end cartridge damping system with great performance to a reasonable price for the Harley-Davidson Touring front forks. The kit is the same concept we use for our hyper-sport front forks, but with a smaller piston. For this application we focused on vehicle control, and a smooth ride.”

Öhlins estimates that the new kit will be available starting in early 2014, for a retail price around $1,000. 

Press image courtesy Ohlins