'Oley' antique show is all about motorcycles

Publish Date: 
May 18, 2011

OLEY, Pa. - Scores of professionals, amateurs and dealers looking for vintage motorcycles and parts spent the last weekend of April browsing the Perkiomen National event, which scavengers in the know call "Oley."

The show is devoted to antique and vintage motorcycles and just a smattering of parts and related antiques. It draws vendors from all over the country and buyers from Europe. Some offerings are rust buckets, others are perfectly restored.

The Perkiomen event started as a weekend event at the Oley Fairgrounds, always conducted the last week of April. But it has grown over the years, and now starts as early as Wednesday afternoon.

The Perkiomen group and its market's location is just a stone's throw from the Reading Motorcycle Club, America's oldest cycle club, incorporated in 1914, according to www.antiquesandarts.com