ONE Industries assumes exclusive distribution of 661, Sunline and TAG brands

ONE Industries announced this week that it is now the exclusive distributor of the 661, TAG and Sunline brands.

The three brands previously were distributed by Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and Western Power Sports. TAG was also handled by several regional distributors, including MTA and Southern. This week’s move consolidates all dealer-direct sales under the ONE organization (no pun intended).

It’s a basic streamlining effort, according to Bob Ketchum, director of sales at ONE. The three brands were part of the Valencia Sport Group, which was acquired by ONE’s parent company three years ago. ONE is also absorbing the product development and marketing efforts for 661, TAG and Sunline, which had been separate since the acquisition.

“These are three strong and respected brands in the marketplace,” said Neil Calvesberg, CEO of San Diego-based ONE in a press release issued Wednesday. “We have invested heavily in the brands since acquiring them in 2007, and the time was right to bring them down to San Diego and benefit from the infrastructure and resources we have created here.”

“We appreciate the product support we are receiving from our dealer network as we move forward with this strategy,” Ketchum said.

Posted by Mary Slepicka