Online Dealer Mall Gives Vehicle Buyers a Much Needed Advantage

Publish Date: 
Jul 27, 2009

ONLINE DEALER MALL has launched a first of its kind internet-based dealer mall. Retail buyers of automobiles, boats, RVs, motorcycles ATVs can research their purchase and find exactly what they are looking for without the hassles of dealing with a saleperson.

The site, created by two pioneering automotive veterans, Dave Ward and Sam Cowan, features tools that aid the consumer in making an informed and educated decision on their next vehicle purchase. "The fact is", notes Ward, "Most consumers would rather do their research online instead of spending time running around town, we can provide all the resources for them to do this research without jumping around from site to site."

At Online Dealer Mall consumers can View Product Comparisons, Check their Credit Score, Read Dealer Reviews, Get New and Used Car Pricing Information, Pre-Arrange Financing, Check Insurance Quotes and More. Once they have decided on the right vehicle they can find the Dealers in their area and search their inventory for the choice they have made.

"While there may be similar automotive sites online," notes co-founder Dave Ward, "most of them are Lead Generator Services"

Lead Generator Services are designed to coax the Consumer in to filling out a "Credit Application"; this application is then forwarded to mutliple Dealer within a geographical area.

"The problem with these types of services," notes co-founder "Sam Cowan", "is that the consumer is plagued by phone calls and emails from multiple dealers trying to bring them into their store." In addition Ward says, "Dealers can pay up to twenty dollars per lead and the average closing ratio of these types of leads is less than 1 percent."

"The difference in our service," Ward continues, "is that we bring the consumer to the dealers website, it’s up to the website to convince the customer to make contact. It’s like getting the customer to the dealers lot, the dealer has to make the case to the customer that they should do business with them."

The concept of a Dealer Mall is not new in the "bricks and mortar" world. Retailers of all types have long ago realized the benefits of being located in shopping malls. It drives more traffic to your store than being situated on a secluded strip of land.

Car Dealers also realize these benefits and seek out locations where they can be amongst their competitors, whether that be "Auto Row" (an area of town where most car dealers are located) or better yet an actual "AutoMall" complex. Customers don’t want to drive all over town to research their purchases. (Continued)