Online supplier MotoClub Wholesale Courting Consumers

Publish Date: 
Mar 4, 2009

POWERSPORTS RETAILERS won’t like this: A new online business is offering to sell parts, garments and accessories to consumers with no retail markup.

Boasting “confidential insider pricing,” the business, dubbed the MotoClub (, asks consumers to sign up for one of three levels of membership: Basic, Gold and Platinum. All levels of membership provide the same purchasing savings with no retail mark-up pricing. With the MotoClub Platinum level membership, all products are available without any annual spending limits or restrictions on aftermarket or OEM product purchases. Membership pricing starts at $179 per year.

Aside from the pricing benefit, members are also offered access to special discounts on installation services as well as discounts on special events through the MotoClub's marketing partners. There’s also a social networking framework for advice and the sharing of expertise among current and prospective members.

Founders Sage Wilkinson and Tyson Silva have worked in the motorcycle industry as shop owners. Silva manages Cascade Tracktime and is the North American distributor of Airfence Safety Systems. Wilkinson has been involved in regional and professional motorcycle racing for over 15 years.

"Membership-based businesses are nothing new and have proven to be viable and successful business models," said Silva. "Now the MotoClub brings that same concept to the powersports market. In our economy, everyone needs to save as much as possible and still get the items they want and need. For powersports enthusiasts, the MotoClub makes that happen."

The MotoClub is based in Lake Oswego, Ore.

- Submitted by Guido Ebert