Online tool designed to increase profitability per unit sold

Publish Date: 
Apr 28, 2014

ATLANTA, Ga. -  Powersports Marketing, a subsidiary of Dealership University, introduces Profit Accelerator, a new tool designed to help dealers increase profitability per unit sold and improve their closing ratio. 

The Profit Accelerator is a step-by-step deal desking tool that focuses the write-up process on the customer’s payment options rather than unit price, the company announced. By pulling the focus away from, the product’s price, dealers can stop inviting price negotiation; this in turn enables the dealership to maintain the profitability on each unit sold, while giving the customer the value that they are searching for in their purchase.

“We’re very excited about this new online tool," said Tory Hornsby, executive vice president of Powersports Marketing (who also is a columnist for Dealernews). "By providing a tool that helps dealers increase their profitability on a daily basis, the Profit Accelerator will help improve the overall health of the powersports industry, one dealership at a time.”

The Profit Accelerator’s easy-to-use navigation makes it an effortless, but powerful closing tool, the company said. The payment matrix gives customers the ability to choose a payment without discounting the unit.  Products such as extended warranties, GAP insurance, theft protection, and other trade-ins and offsets are automatically included in the worksheet.