Only Harleys Need Apply

Forge-Tec Motorcycle is offering to Harley-Davidson dealerships an exclusive deal on four different one-piece forged billet wheels under what it's calling the For Harleys Only program.

Designed with each of Harley's bike models in mind, the FHO wheels are available in all popular sizes and applications — H-Ds from 1984-2008, including ABS models — and all have matching rotors and pulleys that can be sold separately. "No FHO wheels will be found at a dealership except Harley-Davidson stores," the company claims.

The FHO wheels come in black powder coating, show polished, chromed and in a black anodized finish. Forge-Tec will stock the wheels in its warehouse and ship them out when a dealer makes an order.

For information on the FHO program's dealer pricing call Forge-Tec at (888) 367-4385.