ORBA's Meg Grossglass Appointed BLM's Desert Advisory Council

Meg Grossglass, one of ORBA's land use staff members, has been appointed to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) California Desert District's Desert Advisory Council (DAC).

The purpose of the DAC is to provide recommendations to the California Desert District (CDD) manager on the planning and management of the resources within the CDD and the implementation of comprehensive long range management, use, development and protection of those resources.

"I am honored to have been chosen to serve on the DAC. I look forward to working with BLM staff and my fellow council members to ensure a balance is reached between the multiple uses that the BLM is mandated to provide," stated Meg. The DAC is composed of 15 members that are appointed by the Secretary of the Interior. Each council member must represent one of the following areas:

1.) A representative of environmental protection groups or organizations
2.) A representative of recreation groups or organizations
3.) A representative of renewable resources groups or organizations
4.) A representative of non-renewable resources groups or organizations
5.) A representative of transportation (rights-of-way) groups or organizations
6.) A representative of wildlife groups or organizations
7.) A representative of renewable energy industry
8.) A representative of the public at large