Partners develop lightweight, snap-together PWC

Publish Date: 
Oct 15, 2013

WHITEWATER, Wis. - A former computer technology executive has developed a personal watercraft that promises enough speed to offer thrills, and then breaks down for easy transport. But he's going to bypass traditional dealer sales in favor of direct marketing.

The Bomboard Urban Jet Ski comes in four snap-together pods that weigh a combined 140 lbs. The craft is powered by a 250cc, 34hp four-stroke engine capable of pushing it to speeds of up to 40 mph, inventor and company president John West told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

West is trying to raise $6 million to launch production from his prototype. He plans to bypass traditional powersports dealerships and sell the sleds through a direct marketing business with online sales aimed at young adults, using the Internet and social media for sales and marketing, salespeople paid by commission, and local repair depots.

The PWC will be priced at $3,495, and the company is aiming for sales of 30,000 units a year when it reaches its third full year of business.

"We will start slowly to make sure everything works right, and then we will ramp things up," he said. Production will be in Whitewater and sales will start seven months after the initial $1.5 million in funding, he said.

Bomboard company partner Anders Stubkjaer was the chief financial officer of S&S Cycle. Other management team members include a former chief engineer for Harley-Davidson Inc. and a former Cisco Systems Inc. executive who managed a $650 million sales territory.

The modular design of the Bomboard reportedly makes it easier to transport without a trailer, and is aimed at people who use their car to reach the water. It disassembles into four pieces, including an 85 lb. center pod that houses the engine, electronics and steering mechanism. 

Posted by Holly Wagner