Parts/Drag NVP: Dynojet lists new Power Commander accessories

Publish Date: 
Aug 24, 2012
By Mary Green Slepicka

MADISON, Wis. - Representatives from Dynojet are in Madison this week to deliver distributor rep training and then unveil the latest accessories for the Power Commander. Dealers will see the latest lineup this weekend when Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties open their showcase at the Monona Terrance convention center.

Among the new accessories is an Injection Module for select Power Commander III and V models that enables users to control and adjust the ignition tuning; Quick Shifter Sensor Kits in two styles for full throttle clutchless shifting; and a Quick Shifter Expansion Module that allows the Quick Shifter to be used on 8 injector bikes.

Off-roaders who want to modify tune while in the field may appreciate the new Color LCD Unit (with a more accommodating 1G SD card) that remains on the bike and displays all the data from the Power Commander. The color display also offers a nice "bling" factor, reps said.

Also new is a Secondary Fuel Module (+250/-100) for controlling bikes that are supercharged or which have been heavily mechanically modified. There are also new accessories tied to specific Yamaha and Honda models, including a unit that eliminates the stock ignition retard at 100 percent throttle for two U.S.-based Hondas.

Finally, a new Ignition Quick Shifter works without the Power Commander to accommodate non-fuel-injected vehicles.