Parts/Drag NVP: Kuryakyn culls distributors from six to two

Publish Date: 
Aug 24, 2012
By Joe Delmont

MADISON, Wis.— Marc Wolfram, Kuryakyn’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, drew a huge round of applause here Thursday when he told Parts Unlimited representatives that the accessories manufacturer is reducing its distribution from six distributors to two: Parts/Drag and Tucker Rocky. The change is effective Jan. 1.

“We’re focusing our limited resources on the two dealer organizations, plus the dealers we sell to directly,” he said. Kuryakyn focuses its small outside sales force on big dealers, who sell $75,000 to $100,000 or more of Kuryakyn products, he said.

“If you spend time on Kuryakyn, we want to support you,” he told LeMans reps during Kuryakyn’s product presentation at the Parts National Vendor Showcase. “We’re showing you we mean business on that.”

In the 2012 Dealernews Buyers Guide, Somerset, Wis.-based Kuryakyn listed its distributors as Parts/Drag, Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice, Custom Chrome and WPS.

Kuryakyn has introduced almost 600 part numbers to Parts/Drag over the last 12 months, including about 275 parts numbers this year alone, said Tom Gillette, product specialist for the company. He noted the company introduced 405 new products last year.

Products for the Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide, black parts and accessories, and gadget holders remain the most popular.

Kuryakyn also is making sales data collected at rallies available to Parts reps, Gillette said. The research will help Kuryakyn and the reps better stock product at the dealer level, he noted. “I want to put stuff on the shelves that’s going to sell.”

Gillette also urged the sales force to load up display bikes on the show floor with Kuryakyn products. “It’s easy to upsell consumers when they see items on the bike,” he said.