Parts NVP: Roland Sands Design piles on the good stuff for 2012

Publish Date: 
Aug 19, 2011
By Dennis Johnson

MADISON, Wis. - Seventy six new products for 2012. That's the offering Roland Sands Design has put forth for the coming year.

The heaping helping of motorcycle goodness was delivered by Sands himself to Drag Specialties reps gathered to hear the latest and greatest during the LeMans Corp. NVP.

So what kind of sickness is RSD serving up? One of the most unique for sure is the new Clarity line, which includes an air cleaner, a clutch cover and a timing cover. And, as the name implies, each features a see-through design that allows a rider to view his motor's inner workings. (See pic to right. It's a little blurry so pretend it's a spy shot.) Also, go to for a quick video of the timing cover in place with the motor starting up.

RSD is also going all out with levers for 2012, with the first additions to the lineup including the Regulator, a fully adjustable lever, and the Avenger, which features a rubber inlay where your fingers connect with the lever.

Of course, your customers will need something to connect those levers to and for that, there are additions to RSD's handlebar lineup. Sands tips his hat to the BMX bike of everyone's youth with the Crossbar Mini Apes and the Crossbar Moto, both of which sport — wait for it — a crossbar. (See pic to left.)

The list goes on and on — like the Chrono grips, the Tracker belt guard and the LED fuel indicator cap (lets you know when the tank is empty) — so you owe to yourself to get over to to see the latest additions as they come online.

In other RSD news, Sands explained that the company's Black Ops finish was absolutely killing it and remains one of the most popular finishes in the lineup. Expect to see many of the brand's existing products coming out in the Black Ops finish.


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