Parts NVP Update: Nolan's New N43 Trilogy is Six Helmets in One


While helmet manufacturers often come up with little doo-dads to set their product apart from the competition, most lids are often very similar in appearance and function to the untrained eye. Nolan's new N43 Trilogy is something completely different.

Dubbed the "Crossover" helmet, the N43 is actually six helmets in one, thanks to an ingenious design that incorporates a removable Lexan chin bar, clear full-face shield, integrated sun shield and included brow visor.

Wear it as a complete open-face; as an open-face with a brow visor; as an open-face with the full-face shield, as a full-face; only with the chin bar and integrated sun shield; or with the chin bar, integrated sun shield and brow visor.

The chin bar locks securely in place with stainless steel latches but can be easily pulled off, the full face shield allows for quick removal and attachment, and the integrated sun shield can be manipulated with a single finger. The brow visor attaches and detaches as easily and in the same pivot points as the full-face shield.

Other amenities on the 3.5-lb. helmet include a top vent and exhaust, shield vent, easy to manipulate Microlock chin strap, and acceptance of the included Pinlock antifog insert.

How much would a lid like this, made at Nolan's factory in Bergamo, Italy, sell for? Nolan set the MSRP at a wallet-friendly $299 for the solids.

ECE and DOT-approved; sizes XS-XXL.

—Submitted by Guido Ebert