Parts NVP Update: Yoshimura Emphasizing New 'YRS' Product Line


Yoshimura hopes to use the brand awareness it has created with its exhausts to help launch its ever-growing Yoshimura Race Shop (YRS) line and ancillary products.

The YRS line currently includes case savers, frame sliders, bar ends, fender eliminator kits, rear linkage kits and swingarm pivots, all primarily for GSX-R bikes, but Yoshimura marketing VP Brant Russell says that's scheduled to change as more products are introduced for multiple bikes from multiple brands.

"We're going to do a lot advertising for the YRS product," Russell says. "Much of this is product that has been used by our race teams, and items that'll really set a bike off for riders looking to make that next modification beyond the exhaust system."

Another benefit: The YRS product is priced well below Yoshimura's exhaust product, making it an attractive choice for consumers looking to customize their bike on a budget.

Other non-exhaust products Yoshimura plans to promote heavily in the coming year include the PIM-2 fuel injection adjustment device and related Data Box for off-road motorcycle and ATVs.

The PIM-2 (MSRP: $339.95) plugs in to the stock wiring harness, comes pre-loaded with two separate fuel injection maps for either a Yoshimura slip-on or full exhaust system, and offers the ability to download dozens of maps for free from the Yoshimura website, The Data Box ($429.95) consists of an air-fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into the PIM-2 and allows self-mapping of a motorcycle or quad. Self-mapping means that, as the user rides the bike on a dyno or closed course, the Data Box automatically calculates that required fuel adjustment at each rpm and throttle position to reach the user selectable target air-fuel ratio.

In addition to all that new product, "We've updated our pricing for better dealer margins, offering 35 percent pretty much across the board for most of our most-popular pipes," Russell says.

—Submitted by Guido Ebert