Paughco and Yankee Engineuity Merge

Ron Paugh, President Paughco Inc., and Duncan Keller, founder and CEO Yankee Engineuity,have announced that Paughco will assume all rights to YE products and processes. Keller will continue to provide essential input as Director of Product Development for the YE lineup.

All manufacturing, warehousing and distribution and sales of the exclusive collection will be brought under the Paughco roof in Carson City, Nevada. Keller established Yankee Engineuity as a premier manufacturer of superior quality “Modular Platform” accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Essentially that means most of YE components allow pieces to be added and removed to accept a variety of other accessories and fitments.

From base clamps, engine mounts and gauge cups to coil cover/brackets and a collection of problem solvers and unique custom accessories the, Yankee Engineuity lineup is going to provide a new dimension to Paughco. For details on the entire Yankee Engineuity product line contact Paughco direct at 775-246-5738 or catch them on line at