Paul Teutul Sr. named as customer in steroids case


Orange County Choppers founder Paul Teutul Sr. has been named among a handful of luminaries identified as customers in an East Coast steroids case.

Business records quoted in the Albany Times Union indicate Teutul Sr. got steroids from James M. D'Amico, a dentist from Cape Coral, Fla., who had a revoked dental license when he was prescribing powerful drugs to patients he'd never met, including pro athletes. D’Amico pleaded guilty to some charges in the case.

The case, prosecuted in South Florida, has ties to a steroids-distribution investigation launched four years ago in Albany, the newspaper reported.

The records indicate Teutul, 61, received dozens of prescriptions for steroids and human growth hormone authorized by D'Amico and three other Florida physicians over a four-year period ending in 2005.

A person who identified himself as Teutul at a cellular telephone number listed for him in the business records referred the call to Steve Moreau, a manager at OCC.

"Honestly, really, I couldn't do this even if it was about chewing bubble gum," Teutul told the newspaper in response to questions about steroids and D'Amico. "Everything has procedure. Call the shop."

Business records show Teutul received 73 prescriptions at a cost of $51,784.78 between Aug. 2, 2002 and Oct. 3, 2006. D'Amico's name is listed on 11 prescriptions that records indicate were shipped to Teutul in New York. The prescriptions included human growth hormone and steroids such as testosterone, nandrolone and stanozolol, the records show.

Read the complete story in the Albany Times Union.

Posted by Holly Wagner