Pausing for E-Profits

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Thanks to a new marketing tool from Soup Digital Innovations, pause buttons for online video clips have more than the single job of briefly stopping motion: They may actually help you increase online sales and traffic to your Web site.

Pause & Buy acts as a mini storefront, providing links to products and Web pages when the pause button on an online video is activated. Normally, the products advertised are the same or similar products used in the video being watched by the viewer. Kawasaki utilizes this feature.

"On the Kawasaki site, there are videos of Kawasaki riders," says Pause & Buy sales manager Michael Roglen. "When you hit the pause button, everything in the video that can be sold is in an ad." Since the viewer has an interest in watching the video with the products in it, the viewer "already has an inclination to purchase the products in the video," Roglen says. Clicking on ad links redirects the viewer to a Web page where the product can be purchased.

Home improvement giant Home Depot uses Pause & Buy in its how-to Web videos and do-it-yourself projects. "They'll have an employee building a deck. When you hit pause, the Pause & Buy will show you all the things that you need to build a deck," Roglen says. Dealers with tutorial videos can use the Pause & Buy in the same manner to generate more sales.

"The traditional way that people advertise is to sell space around the content and videos on the Web site," Roglen says. Video viewers will know the Pause & Buy option is available by a red logo that replaces the play button when the video is being watched. "It catches your attention without being intrusive," he notes.

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