PCS to distribute Italian leather framed goggles

Publish Date: 
Oct 15, 2002

Some of your customers probably enjoy decking themselves out for weekend jaunts on their retro rides.  They obviously like the older look, so why not cater to their preference by offering old-school products to go with their vintage bikes, such as retro riding glasses?

One option would be the leather framed goggles produced by the Giorgio Nannini Company.  The venerable Italian manufacturer is more than 45 years old and still practices old-world craftsmanship, most clearly evidenced by the fact that each goggle is carefully hand-sewn.  One American company especially impressed with Nannini's attention to detail is Pacific Coast Sunglasses (PCS), the exclusive distributor of the new line, which includes the Custom, Biker and Streetfighter styles.  Hardcore bikers may know PCS as the importer of the original KDs, but the Nannini line should appeal to a wider range of retro customers.

The Custom successfully captures the style and charm of the early 20th century era.  The classic eyewear may look a century old, but your customers won't be getting century-old protection:  The Custom has been updated technologically and ergonomically with modern materials.  The comfortable goggles boast chromed ventilated metal frames as well as optically correct lenses, and come in black, brown and natural frame styles with a choice of clear or gray lenses.  (A carrying case and cleaning cloth are included.)

The Biker is an evolution of the Custom model and takes advantage of contemporary production processes that allow for cylindrical lenses.  Whereas early goggles were made of two flat pieces of glass put together like a window, the Biker uses one curved piece, giving it unimpeded vision in all directions, according to the manufacturer.  The Biker's frame styles incorporate shiny chrome rims with the same colors offered by the Custom.  The choice in lens color, however, is a bit more diverse - in addition to clear and gray, the Biker comes in blue mirror, red mirror and silver mirror.  The Biker also outdoes its predecessor by being available in a prescription model (called the Biker 4V).  An inner frame accommodates prescription lenses, and a template is included for the customer's optician.

The separated frames of the Streetfighter assure the adaptability to fit all faces, and allow the goggles to be easily folded into a pocket.  Another feature, an adjustable fork where the elastic band is mounted, enables the aggressive-looking Streetfighter to be used over a helmet.  The air intakes in the metal frame are said to be positioned for maximum ventilation, and the choices in style and lens color are almost identical to the Custom's, the sole exception being that the black version comes with matte chrome.  As with the Biker, a prescription model (the Streetfighter 4V) is available.
A few things can be said about all three models.  Most important, they all come with shatterproof polycarbonate anti-fog lenses for good visibility in varying weather conditions.  Another trait they share isn't so positive:  They're all easily stolen.  PCS therefore suggests that you display the goggles in a glass showcase, where the presentation is more impressive anyway.  In addition to this advice, the distributor offers Nannini brochures for marketing purposes.
Still thinking it over?  If handmade quality and a cool retro appearance hasn't convinced you, the goggles' 100% dealer margin may bring things more into focus.- Arlo Redwine