Pedretti: How to launch a successful integrated marketing plan

Publish Date: 
Feb 15, 2013

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- These days, you’ve got more than enough ways to reach out to your customers — email, mobile marketing, social media, blogs and search engine marketing currently top the ever-growing list— and many dealers are rightly integrating a mixture of these channels to get their marketing messages across.

But how does one know they are utilizing the best channels for their store and audience, and how does one know they are integrating the marketing methods effectively?

Enter Eric Pedretti, who answered these questions into his hourlong Friday morning Dealership University marketing seminar “Integrated Marketing: Fishing with Multiple Poles in the Water.” Pedretti distilled his answers to fit four things that one must do and realize when executing an integrated marketing campaign:

Scrutinize your media choices. “Your goal is to be as effective as possible, with a minimum amount of waste,” Pedretti said. You’ve heard that a mere 6 percent of the general population rides motorcycles. But of that 6 percent, Pedretti asked, what percentage of those riders are in the market for a new motorcycle right now? The answer: Anywhere between 1 and 3 percent of your database. So using the correct mix of marketing methods to deliver a single, consistent message, is crucial in reaching the right audience at the right time.

Develop a plan — and stick to it. Preferably before the new year begins, sit down with your staff and a calendar handy, and plot out what events, promotions and sales will happen throughout the year, and then figure out how to spread the word. Pedretti calls this “Drip Marketing” — slow and steady reminders of your event or promotion, leading up to the day of the event, promotion or sale. “It’s much like when my wife reminds me to get stuff done around the house,” he said. “You want to do the same thing with your customers.” In your annual marketing plan, be sure to include themes, artwork and marketing deployment dates.

The worst number of marketing is one. “There isn’t, hasn’t, or never will be ONE single marketing method that when deployed will sell you 100 units a month with strong margins.” One must leverage as many channels that fit in your budget — with as little waste— as possible. Pedretti likens the process to fishing: If you’re on a boat, sitting atop of a school of fish, you’ll hook more fish with 15 different poles than with one fishing pole. Utilizing multiple marketing channels is much more effective than sticking to a single source. (Continued)