Peep that open belt drive with Rivera Primo's TransparaGuard

Publish Date: 
Jun 1, 2012

The folks over at Rivera Primo have come up with the TransparaGuard, a clear polycarbonate cover that lets riders see all the inner workings of their open belt drive.

The company says it's receive numerous requests over the years for such a product being open drives are cool, but not too compatible with such thins as bell bottom jeans and long scarves.

"Well, the engineers at RPI (Rivera Primo Inc.) for many years have been pouring over technical manuals, going to plastics seminars (what fun), studying star charts and generally sitting in our conference room with a doobie and a bottle of torpedo red trying to come up with such a thing as an invisible force field for an open belt drive," the company says. "Guess what? We done did it! Well, not the forcefield thingy, but we created a polycarbonate, optically clear, UV resistant, shatter resistant outer guard for most open belt drives."

The TransparaGuard protects riders from the moving parts, but, as the company says, "allows everyone and their grandmother to see that you indeed gotcha an open belt drive." The TransparaGuard has fitments for Rivera's Primo Brute IV Extreme and a universal application for other manufacturer's belt drives.

Rivera says that other applications are coming down the line, including a version with built-in LED lighting.

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