Pennsylvania bill would govern titles of ATVs, UTVs, SxS

Publish Date: 
Mar 18, 2014

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Legislation to update the definition of an ATV, to allow titling and registration of side-by-sides and UTVs, has been introduced by state Rep. Doyle Heffley.

"We're seeing ATVs used by more and more outdoor enthusiasts and small businesses across the state, including use at farms and by other related industries," Heffley said in a press release. "It's important that our state regulations keep up with new technologies that make work easier for so many people."

House Bill 2098, which Heffley told the Standard Speaker already has the support of 20 cosponsors, permits an increase in weight for Class 1 ATVs and allows the use of innovative airless, never-flat tires that come standard on some Polaris vehicles.

The weight increase is essential in helping prevent rollovers, Heffley said, and the tire technology greatly increases vehicle handling on uneven, rugged terrain.

Posted by Holly Wagner