Perp Walk of the Week: One Percent Choppers Allegedly 100% Chop Shop


The owner of One Percent Choppers in, Yuma, Ariz., is facing charges of running a chop shop.

Robert Alan Hagan has been charged with owning or operating a chop shop, buying or selling vehicles for a chop shop and two counts of theft of transportation, according to the Yuma Sun.

Arizona Department of Public Safety GIITEM (Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission) task force officers raided the shop Saturday with the help of Yuma police, the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force and the National Insurance Crime Bureau, says DPS spokesman Bart Graves.

Authorities were acting on tips that stolen bikes were being parted out and the parts moving across the nearby California state line for sale. After finding some suspicious parts, they got a warrant and searched the entire shop. Investigators found two complete motorcycles, multiple motorcycle frames and two engine cases, Graves says, all reported stolen from Mesa, Yuma and Las Vegas.

Hagan posted bond of $14,000 and is out of custody, the newspaper reported. He is due in court March 25. Posted by Holly Wagner