Phil Davy Leaving Icon Motorsports

Yet another change in the powersports industry. We received this notice Friday afternoon from Phil Davy, brand manager for Icon Motorsports. In his words:

I am sad to say that I'm leaving Icon and today is my last day. No, nothing bad happened. Actually something very good happened in that I was offered a great new position in a motosports company that I respect. I'm just sad that I'll be leaving a brand and a job that I have loved for almost eight years now.

Icon is, and will remain, a huge success both here in the U.S. and abroad. Kurt Walter has been the Icon designer from the very beginning and he's not about to let Icon slip in the future. I will always be proud of the Icon team's accomplishments and my part in them as brand manager. I also have many people outside Icon to thank for helping us achieve our goals. Media people, sales reps, RSMs, editors, dealers, riders, athletes, industry VIPs and just hundreds of thousands of everyday motorcyclists all helped and I owe them all a huge "Thank you!"

I am excited to move on to my new position and know it'll be both a challenge and fun. And I'll be glad to tell you all about it next week. But today is just a time for me to tell you that I'll miss doing Icon work with you and owe you my thanks for your support.

Icon will adjust who will take over what responsibilities and make sure everyone is happy and well taken care of. If you need anything from Icon before you are contacted by a new person you can get in touch with these longtime Icon people:

Product Specialists & media relations:

Brenda Trumbo

Bill Maye

Rob Bevins

Paula Pope

A.J. Herrera

Graphic design: Walter Iboy

General questions: Information