Phil Davy Takes Position at Neck Brace Firm, Leatt Corp.

Publish Date: 
Oct 20, 2009

Earlier we reported that Icon Motorsports brand manager Phil Davy was leaving the popular apparel company to pursue a new position with another firm.

Today we learn that new gig is as general manager of Leatt Corp., the company behind the Leatt-Brace motorsports neck brace.

Davy's new position at the Valencia, Calif.-based company includes the marketing of Leatt products throughout the western hemisphere, development of new products, establishment of dealer direct sales for the U.S. powersports industry, setting up distributors in the bicycle industry and many other projects.

Davy's background includes 33 years of experience in the powersports industry, specifically during that time always working with protective riding gear. Most recently, Davy was with Icon Motosports, a division of LeMans Corp., where he was brand manager and the first full-time Icon employee. Under his direction, Icon went from an unknown start-up brand to a worldwide market leader.

Prior to coming to Icon in January 2002, Davy was AXO brand manager and was a regional sales manager for Helmet House. He also worked as Renthal brand manager for seven years, did export sales and built a dealer direct sales organization for AXO Sport America, was sales manager for O’Neal Motocross for three years and worked as a road salesman for O’Neal for another 10 years.

“I’ve made approximately 40,000 dealer calls in my life and in almost all of them protective riding gear was the topic. I loved the street riding Icon brand and it brought me many opportunities to apply what I’ve learned mostly from the off-road business," Davy said. "With Leatt being mostly off-road I feel like I’m back with a sport, and a side of the business, where I can truly excel. So if you think that Icon was a success, and it was my first ever street-related project, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Leatt Corp. started in 2002 with Dr. Chris Leatt working together with a team of physicians, surgeons and biomedical engineers. Heading into 2010 Leatt has helped protect hundreds of thousands of riders worldwide and offered a brand new type of profit center for powersports dealers.


Posted by Dennis Johnson