Philadelphia considers ATV seizure rules during public hearing

Publish Date: 
Oct 8, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – More than 20 people testified about the pros and cons of ATVs at a public hearing before the Philadelphia City Council's Public Safety Committee, and one citizen even proposed a ban on ATV sales.

No decisions have been made following the hearing scheduled by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. She is proposing a bill that would toughen penalties against illegal riders and enable police to destroy seized ATVs and dirt bikes rather than send them to auction, where they often are sold to people who plan to ride them illegally, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Despite support from some enthusiasts and a Yamaha representative, officials panned the idea of building an ATV park or track within city limits.

"There are companies out there like ours that are willing to help," Yamaha regional business manager Kevin DeCew said.

City Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael DiBerardinis, who helped created a 6,000-acre park for off-road vehicles in Cambria County when he worked for the state, said the city lacks adequate space and money to create an ATV park.

A local minister and activist said the city should ban ATV sales since there is no place there to ride the vehicles legally.

Brown said her bill is "a first step in the dialogue." Committee members will amend the bill to reflect concerns raised during the hearing, she added.

Posted by Holly Wagner