Phoenix cops bust alleged chop shop, say thefts on the rise


Authorities in Phoenix, Ariz., are warning riders and others about a rash of motorcycle thefts sweeping the Valley of the Sun.

According to the Arizona Auto Theft Task Force, 188 motorcycles have been stolen this past year in north Phoenix, and about a quarter of the bikes were Harleys.

Authorities busted a chop shop earlier this week that they hope will curb the demand. Evidence photos released by police show a 48-foot trailer full of bikes and parts.

"(They found) probably 30 to 40 different motorcycles inside - different kinds and different brands. Primarily there were a lot of Harley Davidsons," Sgt. Steve Wamsley of the Arizona Auto Theft Task Force told KPHO.

Authorities say Frank Fiorucci, arrested on drug and weapons charges, had a state-issued VIN stamp because he’s a custom builder, but he may have been grinding down VIN on stolen vehicles and re-stamping them.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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