PIAA reflector-facing LED light bars focus beam more tightly

Publish Date: 
Aug 1, 2014

FRISCO, Texas - PIAA's newest light bars for ATVs and UTVs feature a reflector facing technology (RFT) that concentrates and focuses the beam pattern more precisely than forward-facing LED lamps, the company was telling Tucker Rocky reps and dealers at the distributor's show in Texas.

This design, which uses rear-facing LED bulbs, enables more light output per watt than competitive models, said Gordon Robertson, director of sales and marketing, but lets the driver maintain a lower power draw over traditional halogens and forward-facing LED lamps. The result: a more focused beam pattern for fog or for driving.

The PIAA RF 10 (10-inch) light bar (shown here) offers four LED bulbs at 32 watts and an amp draw of 2.7 for a beam distance of 338 meters. There are also six-inch and 18-inch bars.

The low-profile light bar design uses cast-aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens. The modular mounting design allows all of the company's RF series lamps to be connected together for a variety of applications.

MSRPs range from $259 to $559.